Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Small Wedding Celebration!

What a neat cake to make! This was for a good friend whose mother just remarried, and they were having a small family celebration for the new couple.
Did I mention that her mother is in her 70's!
She is such a sweet lady, and I was so flattered to be asked to make this cake for her and her new main squeeze!

The initials are B H R. Not exactly like I wanted them, but I am learning!
Free hand work is so hard! All the decoration was done in royal icing.
This was my first time using it and I think I have a long way to go!

I always use any extra batter, so cuppies are such a nice thing to "throw" in with a cake!
These were my first cuppies that I have ever used fondant on.
I sure hope the newlyweds enjoy their celebration and their cake!
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Zeke's 1st Birthday!!!!!!

This is my favorite cake so far!
Not so much because of the way it looks but for who I made it for! My sweet little Zeke!
I cannot believe my baby is 1!! What an amazing joy he has been to A and I this past year.
What an amazing God we serve, and what an amazing gift He has given us in Zeke!
My sweet momma helped me with it. She made all of the cute animals and the garden.
She was lifesaver for sure. If it weren't for her I would have been up all night!

That garden is so cute, I could just eat it up...
And I did!

The other kiddos loved eating all the animals!

This was Zeke's smash cake. He LOVED it!!
I have been sneaking him icing here and there, so I wasn't too surprised!
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Farm Cake Pops!

OK-farm animal cake pops! I am NO Bakerella!!
She is amazing and inspires me in the kitchen in so many ways!!
But I gave it a whirl anyway...
Cutie Chicks!

Little Lambs!

Moo Moo Cows!

Pinky Pigs!
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Princess Adyson!

Oh my, oh my! What a sweetie pie Princess Adyson is!
What a joy to make her very 1st birthday cake!
Her party was princess themed, can you tell?!
She is one of Zeke's friends, and A and I are good friend with her parents.
Needless to say this cake was close to my heart!

Some cuppies to go along with her cake!
The big one was her "smash" cake.
She went for it, but in such a sweet dainty way!

Everything was edible-except for the tutu!!
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Cuppie Pops

I keep meaning to post some cuppie pops! Here they are....
I keep forgetting to take pictures of them before the are wrapped up...go figure!
They are super yummy and make great party favors!
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