Thursday, December 2, 2010

more wedding ideas...

I am so excited about this cake. I made it for an event that is taking place at my house this weekend. It is going to be A Handmade Holiday open house. My friend Amy, from Gabriel's Good Tidings,will be there selling lots of great sewn items, my sweet sister Sarah, from Lilyfly's Garden, will be there selling her gorgeous jewelry, and her friend Kristen, from Knots of Love, will be selling adorable hair bows.

This cake is actually a "dummy" cake. It is fake! Instead of cake it is Styrofoam. All the outer work is real though! This is an idea if you are wanting to cut costs at your wedding. A fake cake supplemented by sheet cake or cupcakes. This is what I did at my wedding and we saved a lot of money!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My First Wedding Cake

I almost don't know where to begin....I will start by saying this is by far my favorite cake! Not so much because of how it turned out but because of who it was for.

This wedding cake was for two very special friends, David and Heather. I have known Heather since I was in the 4th grade. She is such an amazing strong woman, who would do anything for anyone. She met her sweetie David a while back. They since have had a son, whom was diagnosed with a rare but serious cancer called neuroblastoma. His name was Daxton Cole , and you can ready his story by following this link. He did not win his fight with cancer, but is rejoicing, free from pain in Heaven. This little boy, Daxton, was a treasure that cannot be fully described in words. It has been 7 months since the day he has passed and I he is greatly missed, in saying that I also know his life has impacted more people than I can count in this short time he was with us. I strongly encourage you to read his story...your life will be changed for doing so.

Since Daxton's passing, his parents, Heather and David, have gotten married and are expecting a new little one! She is due in February. I am so excited to see what God has in store for this family that I am grateful to know. My faith has been enlarged by all of their lives.

So you all can imagine that I was greatly humbled when I was asked to make their wedding cake! This was the best "first" wedding cake I could have ever experienced. Heather was by far the most laid back bride I have ever met! This cake was a true honor and joy. Please enjoy!

The colors were light blue and brown. They used hydrangeas, so I did cupcakes to match the hydrangeas!
So fun!

My friend Julie is an amazing photographer in the Orlando area, and took their pictures. She also took this amazing one of my cake! Thank you Julie!

Thank you Heather and David for including me on your very special day.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Little Ladybugs!!

This cake is probably one of m favorites! I made it for two of my friends' daughters who were turning 1! These little ladies loved their cake!

Party Cake

This was a cake a friend ordered for her best friends birthday.
They are in a book club together, so hence the figure holding the book!
This cake was hard, it was my first figurine I have ever made out of fondant.
I need lots more practice!! This cake was fun to make!

Sweet Camryn

So thankful for my niece Camryn!
I got to make her 3rd birthday cake. This one was lots of fun!
The theme of the party was The Fresh Beat Band.
I just wanted to make a cake that matched the fun colors in the show.
And of course some cuppies to go along with it!!

The Baby Bum Cake

This cake was made for a very dear friend for her baby shower.
Her sweet sister asked me to do it.
And when she requested the baby bum, I will have to say at first I was unsure.
Just didn't know what it would be like to cut into a baby bum!
After I started making the cake, I loved it!!!
I think it turned out pretty well, and the mommy to be loved it as well!!!
Enjoy all the views!

Sweet toes!

Birthday Cake Party

My sweet niece Lily had a birthday
(quite a while ago, I am just FINALLY updating my blog!)
and she had a lot of different ideas for what she wanted for a cake.
She landed on the idea of having all her friends over for a cake decorating party!
SO, I made mini cakes for each guest and supplied them with fondant cut outs,
fondant, paintbrushes and water bowls.
And the rest was up to them and this is how it turned out:

What a fun way to celebrate!!