Friday, July 10, 2009

Big Cuppies

I had some left over cuppies.
So why not try some new colors and styles?
Then pass them onto the ladies that work with my honey!

Ooooh did I mention they we the "messed" up ones?
Only on the outside, not on the inside!

Don't worry....
I think they will get eaten!
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Little Cuppies

These were so much FUN to make!

So much fun to photograph!

So much fun to look at!

And so much fun to eat!!!
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For the Neighbors....Of Course!

In "thoughts from my polka dotted brain" I mentioned that we moved.
Just to another building in the same condo complex.
Saving $200 a month and an extra bathroom!
Any who-this means new neighbors!
A great reason to bake!!

Some chocolate with chocolate butter cream.
Some vanilla with vanilla butter cream.
Some of both!

Trying out some new swirl styles!

And there you have it!
You don't have to be my neighbor to enjoy....
Just place an order!
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They Are Having a Baby!!

Glen and Caroline (our neighbors...and friends)
are having a baby!!!!!!
So of course I had to bake!

I have been dying to try this technique on butter cream.
Not so great!
Have I mentioned butter cream is HARD to work with??
I cannot WAIT until my cake decorating class!

I also have been dying to make a mini cake!
This is a 3 layer 4"x2" cake.
I used pink and blue because they don't know what they are having....yet.
The cake is 2 layers of chocolate and 1 layer of vanilla.
The icing is vanilla butter cream. YUM.

Our family cannot wait for Glen and Caroline to join the ranks of parenthood!
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Ice Cream Cone Cuppies

So- these are some "ice cream cone" cuppies!
For Miss Anna Banana's Birthday!

They were very tricky!
Not too hard to bake........
Very hard to ice!
Only because they were SO top heavy!

Moving on.....
I made some "letter" chocolates......

And walll-laaa......
Happy Birthday Anna!!!!!
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