Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Polka Dots and Daisies Cake

ebay 016-1

This is my second fondant cake. I made it for my sister Sarah’s jewelry party .(

ebay 015-1

It was my practice run. I am going to make a similar cake for a very dear friend’s baby shower. Shhh….she doesn’t know yet!

ebay 021

I wanted to post the whole process, but unfortunately the pictures of the process did not come out. It was a whole mix up with Sarah’s camera card(my fault). Oh well, more pics and the process next time!

The bottom was a two layer 9” round cake. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream. The top was a two layer 6” round cake. It was a sour cream cake with vanilla butter cream.

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mrsmitchell said...

I absolutely love the color combinations in this cake design! I need something cheeful like this for my Mom's house-warming party this summer! Great work!