Friday, July 10, 2009

They Are Having a Baby!!

Glen and Caroline (our neighbors...and friends)
are having a baby!!!!!!
So of course I had to bake!

I have been dying to try this technique on butter cream.
Not so great!
Have I mentioned butter cream is HARD to work with??
I cannot WAIT until my cake decorating class!

I also have been dying to make a mini cake!
This is a 3 layer 4"x2" cake.
I used pink and blue because they don't know what they are having....yet.
The cake is 2 layers of chocolate and 1 layer of vanilla.
The icing is vanilla butter cream. YUM.

Our family cannot wait for Glen and Caroline to join the ranks of parenthood!
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1 comment:

Glen & Caroline said...

This cake was sooo good! I, Glen had the majority of it since Caroline's stomach has been weird lately... Nice website by the way!