Thursday, December 2, 2010

more wedding ideas...

I am so excited about this cake. I made it for an event that is taking place at my house this weekend. It is going to be A Handmade Holiday open house. My friend Amy, from Gabriel's Good Tidings,will be there selling lots of great sewn items, my sweet sister Sarah, from Lilyfly's Garden, will be there selling her gorgeous jewelry, and her friend Kristen, from Knots of Love, will be selling adorable hair bows.

This cake is actually a "dummy" cake. It is fake! Instead of cake it is Styrofoam. All the outer work is real though! This is an idea if you are wanting to cut costs at your wedding. A fake cake supplemented by sheet cake or cupcakes. This is what I did at my wedding and we saved a lot of money!


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